Safer ways to grow your hair faster

I have used my own hair many times to experiment with ways on how to grow hair faster, to obtain a medium long hairstyle. Throughout the internet there are many forums talking about hair growing supplements and all kinds of therapies to make your hair grow faster. If you are using one of these methods, stop already. Not only do these methods waste your time and money, they can leave a potential side-effect behind.

And again, many sites out there have claimed some methods are able to make a bald person to have hair up to their shoulders overnight. That is extremely bizarre!

With my own hair, I have concluded that to grow your hair faster, follow these safe steps:

1. Firstly, consume a sufficient amount of water each day. A while back I had not been drinking much water to tell you the truth, and not only did my hair often became dry, it did not grow much either.

2. Consume the essential nutrients everyday, do not miss out on any nutrients! I cannot stress this enough but many people who wish to grow their hair faster, do not eat much at all because they are probably on an "intense" diet to look better. The essential nutrients include: fibre, protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins.

Please emphasize on the protein consumption! To those who are on a diet right now, eat SOY!

**A while ago I used to join the neighbourhood gym, and drank protein shakes (not recommended for everyone) which had around 20g of protein in each cup. A couple days later and I realized my hair grew alot thicker and longer. No lies!

3. Wash your hair frequently! Your hair will become extremely dirty and unhealthy as soon as you miss a day of no hair-wash! Only use warm water or colder to wash your hair, since hot water may have a chance to eliminate your hair cells.

4. Cut out the blow-dryers! Blow drying your hair is extremely poor to your hair. It crisps the hair and damages your hair's nutrients.

5. Avoid hair colour treatments for now. Until you grow your hair until your ideal length, do not use any dyes yet. *Although dyes are quite damaging to your hair as well.

6. Get plenty of sleep and rest! Sleep at least 8 hours per night!

7. Cut the caffeine, and reduce the amount of alcohol and tobacco if you are on any.

These 7 steps are clearly safe ways to help your grow for sure. Hopefully, results would be something like this:
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