Cute & Popular Korean Hairstyles For Men & Boys

Popular Korean hairstyles are now conquering the fashion world. From kids, teenagers, young adults, and adults are now fascinated by the quality, creativity, and its outstanding style. Men and women have been eying Korean superstars and try to follow and imitate the design and approach in doing the haircuts, dyeing, texture, bulkiness, hair color, and its desired length. The haircut and design of the trend is very cool to look at and very neat.

Korean shaggy & spiky hairstyle.

For the boys out there, you can try the very straight hair design that can be changed or formed into shaggy and spiky styles.

Korean spiky hair.

Bed head hairstyle.

By the year two thousand nine, most hair cut trend for men are mostly messy and early bed-head styles. It has more long side-swept hipster design that would look like an unkempt, however, it requires moderate styling care and heavy maintenance. Most guys would prefer to add color streaks such as blue and red just to spice up the texture and to emphasize the basic length and cuts. Men can choose to have thin hair look to a more thicker hair look.

Shag haircut.

The shag haircut design started on the year nineteen sixties and in the year two thousand nine which is still used by most people in Asia, United Kingdom, and of course the United States. For the Korean haircut style, the shag does not demand regular cuts and it is perfect for office environments.

The texture must also be in medium-length and add it up with soft ruffles and numerous hair layers. You can make use of gel, mousse, and hair wax to make it more intact and strong. This style will definitely look great for teens and men at their twenties.

Korean red hair.

To add more texture, adding stark black hair designs and streaks and other unusual hair dyes on jet-black hair will make you look amazing. For those who want spiky haircut then you should know that this design works well with people who have thick and short hair. This haircut requires low maintenance because you just need to apply some hair gel, however, frequent haircut must be observed to maintain the style.

Side bangs hairstyle.

For men and teenage boys, you can always opt for the feathered and longer haircut design. It basically looks like a more organic and soft. Typically, men who choose this haircut would require front bangs that can be swept to one side or another and sometimes the bangs can be placed in the center. The haircut style require longer hair and it needs lesser hair maintenance. Men and boys will definitely look charming and cute.

There are several popular Korean hairstyles you can choose. Pick the one that you are comfortable and you feel more confident. It is better to seek professional help and go to reputable salons in your area in order to achieve best results. Find out if the hair salon have experienced attendants and knows what is the best design that is perfect for your face feature, angles, and skin color.

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