The Artful Simplicity Of Her Hairstyles

Gong Li long hair style.

Gong Li is an Asian artist that starred in the movie called "Memoirs of a Geisha". A beautiful woman with flawless skin, and a svelte figure, she has become known for her hairstyles. The color of her hair will change from its natural black to a warm dark brown on occasion, but it is always becoming. Not everyone can wear Gong Li hair styles as easily, but most wish they could.

Gong Li in the movie Memoirs Of Geisha.

Gong Li hair in Memoirs Of Geisha.

Of course, during the movie that covered the life of a geisha, her coiffure was worn in the traditional fashion. It fell loosely around her head while the back was secured in a tight bun. In real day to day life, you probably would never see her wearing this style.

Gong Li seems to have a penchant for sweeping her locks back and away from her face. Regardless of the style, it is obvious that her hair is always worn in a relaxed manner. Never seen fully curled, it is often worn in loose wave.

Another of her favorites is the loose bun. Again pulled away from the face, the hair is twisted into a semi or loose bun and held in place with a hair clip. Many tendrils are allowed to fall from the bun acting as a frame for her beautiful face.

Gong Li ponytail hairstyle.

At other times her crowning glory will cascade down her back in a loose ponytail. Yet again this look is achieved by pulling the hair back rather tightly away from the face. Gel is often used to keep this portion of the style in place.

Gong Li on Elle cover.

Whether the style is a messy bun or a loose twist, anything can be used to accentuate the beauty of Gong Li hair styles. Although envied by many for her good looks and figure, Gong Li is very down to earth. When asked what matters most to her in a person, her reply was, "For me beauty of a person is a matter of a whole package". In other words, what good is it to have all the outward features, when the inner being has been lost.
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