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People with short hair should go for a barrel inches across the head while using the curling iron. You have to see which parts of the hair is hidden so it does not turn, should actually turn down. Once the curling is applying wax or pomade with both hands evenly to create soft, loose curls. If one wishes for a tighter curl, use of hair spray gives the desired result.

Medium and long hair requires a few steps. This type of hair is a bit complicated as the top of the head is flat and half ends are frizzy. hot roll is the best use for this type of hair you have 10 minutes to normal curls and more curls that could take 20 minutes or more.

For a well-defined loop set, hairspray be used in a downward direction to wrap on the roller. Hair must be sectioned with an inch from front to back and rolled. The next step is to pull the sides up and down. finish soft gel or hair spray is used if the hair is tight.

The use of lacquer-haired with soft gel that softens the curl, to shrivel the hair is another method for cutting curly hair. This hairstyle is best suited for office and casual and sophisticated look for school, pin the curls to give a sleek and sexy at night.

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