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Messy hair bun is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. Most adolescent to adult women have chosen this style wherever they go. There are many types of bread hair, but this time, it's time to show messy bun.

Yes, sometimes everyone wants to see messy but stylish. And this style all their help because although it seems complicated, women still look awesome this bread, chicken, and stylish. Without doubt, it becomes popular from generation to generation. The following is a simple guide to make a messy hair bun.

1. Serum. For this type of bread, you need a serum as Herbal Essences No more Frizz. But do not use too much and do this at the end.

2. Brush. Take a brush and comb back into the top. This is to the top of your hair is teased backwards. Even with the brush tease the sides of your hair. While his hands, smoothing the crown and spray heavily with any hairspray. You need to constantly brushing back hair and soften hands.

3. After that, pick up the hair with both hands. That's like a high ponytail, and soften skin care while moving the hair on top of her crown. You can do this by turning your head hair down and collect all the hair in one place. In this case, using a paddle brush is really helpful.

4. Secure the pan that you have done. You can do this by linking its elastic around the center of the circle or wrap your elastic twice around your hair then pull your ponytail half-way through the elastic.

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