Asian Mohawk Hair Styles For Men

Taeyang mohawk hair.

This stylish and trendy haircut is favored by both men and women and has its roots in the Mohawk culture. Little did these Native American tribesmen know that their "natural" look, largely left to its own devises, would prove to be so popular with a variety of cultures centuries down the line. There are numerous renditions of the original look to choose from when a person is having an Asian mohawk hair styles for men cut.

Over the last few decades Goths and Rockers have sported the look and claimed it their own. It has in fact become an extremely popular punk style as well. Nowadays it has considerably toned down and numerous sport stars and celebrities have taken to having their crowning glory cut in this easy to care for style.

For the traditional Mohawk cut hair is cultivated to a certain length and then the sides are shaved off leaving only a spike strip running from the front hairline down to the nape of the neck. A variety of products ranging from hairspray to egg white and heavy gels are used to stiffen this strip to a rigid spike. Various renditions of this style have been experimented with and nowadays very few resemble the original.

The secret to a good Mohawk look is in the cut and haircare products used to style to hair. The main object of the exercise is to spend a considerable time prepping and fixing one's tresses to give it a natural look. If one can give the impression of not having done anything to attain this style success is attained.

Achieving this casual elegance takes practice. Fortunately there are a number of websites that also have instruction videos from which people can learn the various techniques. The look has become softer in appearance and the rigid center strip now resembles a soft feathery look.

Today the faux-hawk cut has taken America and Great Britain by storm and is considered the "in" cut in Asia. This extremely stylish and trendy haircut still gives the spike effect along top of the head but the sides are not shaved away. Hair is left longish and fluffed around the face.

This messed up look is considered to be an expression to the wearer's rebellious side and also to show a strong confident personality. The secret to wearing Asian mohawk hair styles for men with flair is to make it look as though a person has done absolutely nothing to their hair to achieve the look.

Photos of Popular Asian Mohawk Hairstyles:

X Japan mohawk hairstyles.

Xiah Junsu fauxhawk hair.

Jang Woo Young mohawk hairstyle.

Big Bang mohawk hairstyles.

Asian red mohawk hairstyle.

Asian messy fauxhawk.

Aaron Yoo faux-hawk hair.

Son Goku liberty spike mohawk.

Shinee Key mohawk hair.

Vegeta hairstyle.
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