Chinese Men Punk Hairstyles

A Chinese boy and girl are in the playground on a strict high school in China. Students are surrounded by other teenagers. Everyone has the same dull gray, pale blue school uniforms and hairstyles. Males wear red armbands, females have red handkerchiefs. The kids have bowl cuts, the girls have the same short bob hairstyle.

The students are not allowed to spend time together in the playground. They are separated by yellow lines on the floor. The boys are on one side while the girls are ten feet away on the other side. Standing on the edge of the lines of a boy and a girl looked at each other.

The boys march single file back to the classroom, the girls walk by them in the opposite direction. The boy appears and the girls smile at each other as they pass in the hall. The girl is in the back of the line just ahead of his strict teacher, she takes the child smiling at the girl and immediately rebuked him!

Back in his class of all boys sit on the right, while all the girls sit on the left. The teacher stands at the front. All students who open their old wooden desks at the same time. She finds a note of surprise the child inside at the top of their school books. She also sees his special gift: Alberto VO5 Rework by.

She turns to look toward the back of the class where the child sits, suspecting that it may be the one who gave the gift. He smiles and nods, and then she nods with a smile on his face.

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