Harajuku Girls Hair Styles

Famous for their wild clothing and shoes, Harajuku girls hair styles are also a major part of their attraction. Originally found primarily in one area of Japan, these girls are an enormous tourist attraction. If you want to style your locks in a similar fashion, skip the looks that are currently popular and instead look for something bold and colorful.

Harajuku bangs hairstyle.

The more drama that is present in the style, the happier these young women will be. Often Harajuku girls will wear theirs at shoulder length or longer and will have their bangs cut straight across their foreheads. This cut allows for ease in styling when they want to make their look more dramatic.

Many times they can be seen wearing their locks in small, tight ringlets and draped around their faces. They may opt for mini pigtails, reminiscent of the pigtails a little girl may wear. Still, others may choose a larger pigtail. They can create this look by teasing their pigtails until they are large, adding to the drama of their overall appearance.

Harajuku hair with blue streaks.

A large part of the appeal is the bold, neon colors that they choose. These girls especially favor bold colors set against their jet black hair. Colors including hot pink, red, & blue are applied in bold, colorful streaks around their head. Some of them have been known to dye their entire head a neon color. The idea is to apply a bright color that will be easily noticeable against a darker shade. Many of these young women can also be seen sporting a blonde look with contrasting neon shades such as hot pink or electric blue against a color that is so blonde it is nearly white.

Harajuku accessories.

Accessories are equally important. The accessories they choose are bold and colorful and are used to draw attention. Many times they wear little girl bows and clips and may even be seen scattering plastic accessories such as stars or kittens and puppy barrettes throughout their head. They may sport small ribbons or longer ones that can be tied around their entire head.

Anime harajuku hairstyles.

Harajuku girls hair styles, inspired by anime cartoons and drawings, are one of the most fashionable trends today. This eye-popping style has many different variations and can feature several textures and lengths. When compared to other cuts, this one has no rules. As long as the end result is shocking and dramatic and goes to the extreme, it will be part of the trend.

Harajuku Girls Photos:

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