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Recently there was a change to the Joe Cheng hairstyle. For much of his career he has sported a longer look. Recently however he has cropped his hair to a much shorter cut as a result of a request from a producer of his new film, It Started With a Kiss 2. The change has produced a fountain of comments online about the dramatic new style he is sporting.

Joe Cheng short hair.

Joe Cheng long hair.

However, as is typical for Asian hair cuts, it is still straight. There is a very good reason many Asians wear simple, straight cuts. The texture of their hair tends to be very straight. Adding curls or waves to Asian hair is very difficult. The first step however is to start with a very good base which requires very healthy and very clean hair.

As a result many sport a cut that looks great for long or short hair, but almost always straight. Additionally it tends to be very shiny and glossy and attract a lot of looks just because of that. Many people appreciate the glossy, glowing look of this jet black hair.

The many of Joe Cheng hairstyles.

Sometimes it is possible to create waves or curls in this type of hair, but it is a long process due to the hair itself. In addition to being very straight, it tends to be quite coarse which is not obvious by looking at it.

When you attempt to curl or add waves to this type of hair, it might work for a short period of time but it will quickly begin to loose whatever wave you managed to put in it. So the new look that is being sported might be short when compared to his earlier look, but many are finding that they appreciate this new do of his more, saying it makes him appear more mature and grown up.
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