Korean idol Hyuna Kim

Born on June 6, 1992, Kim "Hyun Ah" is one of the members of the popular Korean girl group, 4Minute.
Hyuna recently released a solo album, "Bubble Pop", which has gathered over 8 million views on youtube on the first week. Her recent look, along with her hairstyle, has brought herself a whole level of charisma. She looks so much more appealing and outstanding in her new long hair.
Notice how Hyuna is able to pull off almost any kind of hairstyle. As expected from a Korean idol, Hyuna has one of those oval shaped faces that most idols possess. Not only that, Hyuna's current hairstyle is towards mostly 3/4 covered fringes. That being said, Hyuna's most recent hairstyle pretty much gives an impression to fans that she has "graduated" from being a maknae of her girl group, "4 Minute". Now, her longer hairstyle can be described as mature and silky.
Where as this photo right here, is one of Hyuna's older photos, back when she didn't have her own "solo" album. Back then, she had full bangs, which is one of those popular but boring hairstyles that younger girls wear.
Isn't it great Hyuna is starting her own path? She is going towards the "mature sexy" side. =)
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