Men Hairstyles For Round Faces

Men Hairstyles For Round FacesWhen you have a round face, you should comb your hair in order to minimize the roundness of your face. Your haircut should add length to your face. So here are some tips for the best hairstyles for round face.

Tip 1: add height to the top of the head

When there is more volume on top of your head, your crown, creates an illusion of time, the face more closely, thus minimizing the roundness of your face. You can accomplish this by asking your stylist to add more layers to the crown.

Tip 2: Avoid explosions

Round shapes closer to your face makes your face look rounder. So avoid bumps. If you are stuck with bangs, then part of sweeping across her forehead. This makes your face look more oval instead of round.

Tip 3: Avoid chin length hair

When the hair stops at the chin, which adds more volume to the sides of your face. More volume on the sides of the face means that your face looks rounder. So if you have long hair or medium hair, avoid layers ending at the chin.

Quick note - layers ending with your cheeks are fine, provided it does not add bulk to the sides of your face.

Tip 4: Take note of farewell

Avoid the side pieces, as it will add width to the face. However, some in the middle to create the illusion of a narrow face. And, of course, if you do aside from her hair, make sure it does not add too much volume on both sides of his face.

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