Summer Hairstyles

When a black woman says she is getting a perm, which means going for the straight look. Just the opposite of a white woman. When a white woman says she is getting a permanent, which goes by the curly look. Washing the hair:

White women are sometimes wash their hair every day. If they do, then get the "greasy" look that most of the time viewers say it is not wash your hair as often as it should. You can even go as far as telling onlookers that there is a "clean" woman.

The only black women can wash your hair every week or every two weeks and sometimes longer. They are not looking to wash their natural oils from your hair like a white woman. On the contrary, black women want to have oil in your hair. And if you do not have enough oil, you can buy a "hair grease or oil" and manually applied to your scalp to give the appearance of oil / shine. If the hair becomes dry due to lack of oil, they can get dandruff and itchy scalp.

Braids / Fabrics / Extensions:

Both African American and Caucasian women have had their braids / tissue for years unknown to all. White women (mostly children) have taken their braids usually in the back of the hair or even braid each side of your hair with a part that separates the braid in the middle of your scalp. The same goes for black children in the most part. But today, two races have braids, extensions and fabrics for different purposes.

White women used the extensions to give your hair a "hair" look and feel. This applies to black women as well. Bo Derek white women gave permission (for lack of a better word) to start using braids as a hairstyle. However, black women have been wearing braid extensions of years. They do so for more practical reasons. Have your hair braided her hair extensions can take a break from brushing and combing to allow their own hair to grow naturally.

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