Toddler Girl Hairstyles

Ready-made new costumes are neither cheap nor easy to find. Amazon has a few Power Puff Girls costumes ranging from $ 19.99 to $ 29.99. And there are other sites that offer costumes for a maximum of $ 49.99. E-Bay has the best prices and selections, but still has to pay shipping. Most are limited to small size and many are already out of stock. For such a high price and a simple dress, good idea would do the same.

The costume consists of a simple dress in pink directly lime green or blue depending on the character. If the suit is for a child or small adult, extra-large t-shirt work. Cut the sleeves and cinch the waist with a black cloth across. A child's shirt with a pencil skirt the same color or any solid color knit dress is another option. Buy T-shirts in hobby shops, for as low as $ 2. 50 or seek thrift shop. Be sure to add the wide black belt, made of a piece of fabric or black crepe paper and wrapped around the waist. Hold it together with safety pins on the back.

Power Puff Shoes Mary Janes are just black with white socks. Floors or black ballet shoes, also work. The ribbon belt with black electrical tape if the shoes do not have one.

Girls have wild hair that can be duplicated with gel and hair spray. Another suggestion is to find a wig and style it. Buttercup has a turn black, parted in the center with bangs pulled to each side.

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