Achieving The Look Of Song Hye-kyo Braid Hairstyle

There are many Song Hye-kyo hairstyles to consider, as the beautiful actress expresses many different looks. However, if you would like to have those special braids of hers, here are some tips for achieving that look.


Make sure that your hair has some texture, first. If your hair is fine, wash and blow dry it, without brushing or combing. Also, be sure that your hair is not completely dry. Work a small amount of styling putty in your hands, until it is smooth. Next, gently rake the putty through your hair, until you get the desired texture that you want. You also may use styling mousse.


Separate the hair and plait once, adding a section at a time. If the hair is very short, you may need to use bobby pins to keep it in place. Keep plaiting and adding a section as you finish. This will give you thick, but not tight looking braids.

As you plait the braids, take your time. You will keep adding hair as you go. You are plaiting the hair all to one side, so if you are right handed, it may be easier to work to the right, and to the left if left handed. Finally you will get to the end, and you will need to secure the hair with some kind of hair band. This will keep everything in its proper place. There will probably be a section of hair left on the other side, and perhaps one left on the back. Gently twist them and perhaps add a little styling gel, to let them hang naturally on the sides.


If you wish to have one of Song Hye-kyo hairstyles, you can easily achieve her special braids. You will need to make sure that you hair has texture, if you have fine hair. Plait the braids one at a time, and keep adding until you finish. It is not as hard as one may think.
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