Asian Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo hair.

Asian emo hairstyles for girls are not too difficult to achieve. If you have black and relatively straight hair, you are already on your way to achieving an emo look. There are two basic options, and they have to do with the length of the hair. Here is a look at some long and medium hair ideas.

Professional Help

When you can afford a hair stylist, it is the easiest way to have your hair done. A professional stylist works with hair all day long, and has experience and training to provide you with the kind of hair that you want. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to completely describe the look that you want. Bring some images with you, and this will help your hairstylist give you the right look. Yet, not everyone can afford professional help, and there are some things that you can do at home.

Medium Hair

Black emo girl hairstyle.

If your hair is medium in length, you can use several layers, and it can be extreme. Most haircuts have layers that blend in, and this can take some skill. However, the look that you want, does not have anything gradual about it. Some of your layers can actually be a few inches apart from each other, and when you are done, your hair may resemble a shag cut.

Asian emo girl haircut.

Your bangs should be long, and should be just past the eyebrows. If you wish, you can work backwards from the bangs, and start the layers. Some people may wish to have one eye covered, and this is best to take care of in the beginning. Your final layer should be quite long, as it may be a good idea to tease it, to give you a nice contrast with the rest of the hair.

Long Hair with Tiaras or Headbands

Long emo scene hair.

The right headpiece can set you apart from all the others. To accent the hairpiece, consider teasing the hair behind it, especially if you have a tiara. Make sure to experiment with different positions for your headpiece, for the right look.

gothic teased hair.


If your hair is naturally straight and black, there are many Asian Emo hairstyles for girls, that will look good. If you can afford a professional stylist, you can have the exact look that you desire. Make sure to bring images of what you are looking for. If you do your hair at home, medium length hair can be cut in several well defined layers. Long hair may look good with the right headpiece, and hair teased to accent it.
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