Jackie Chan Hairstyles

Jackie Chan hairstyle.

Sometimes better known for his full and impeccably styled hair than for his acting ability, analyzing and emulating Jackie Chan hairstyles has become the fashionable hobby of young men looking for the latest ways to style their luscious locks. Often featured in hairstyle magazines, the Hong Kong actor is often the inspiration behind various hair fads for men and it's easy to see why.

His boyish good looks and flattering styles are a huge babe magnet and Jackie Chan pulls off the look with class and style. To get the look, you'll need thick hair and lots of it. Fine hair will be way too sparse to pull off this tapered look.

Any face shape will work fine. Before or after you get the cut, you may wish to color your hair darker if it's light, since this style seems to work better on darker hair hues. Straight or slightly wavy also works best.

Avoid this look if your hair is overly curly. Bring the picture and tell your stylist that the front should be longer and the sides more tapered, revealing the tops of the ears. The neckline should be collar length. Everyday styling should be a cinch with the right hair type.

Jackie Chan hair.

To style this cut every day and complete the low maintenance and classy look, run a dollop of mousse over damp hair and either let it air dry or tousle it with a blow dryer. The finish should be wind-swept, but spritz with hairspray to set if desired. Keep the cut contoured and swept back and it'll work just fine.

Jackie Chan hairstyles seem to work best on people with adventurous and outgoing personalities. To capture the confidence and charisma of the boyish actor, be sure to complete this look with larger glasses and a dress shirt with a collar for a night of attention on the town.
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