Song Seung Hun Hairstyles

Song Seung Hun hairstyle.

Hair may be styled in a number of different ways. Sometimes it is straight, while at other times it is curly. Hair may be kept tall, or it can be cut short. Song Seung Hun hairstyles may have those varying features. One hairstyle could be described as high volume, because the hair is full bodied and not thinned out.

Song Seung Hun side fringe hairstyle.

Another hairstyle features the hair being swept to the sides. The hair is cut short, and because of its full nature and appearance it has a heavy fringe. Fringes of that nature can be used to cover the forehead with what some persons call bangs.

Song Seung Hun wavy hairstyle.

Hair can be naturally wavy, even when it is touched or combed. Men who wear a wavy hairstyle tend to have a more mature or manly look. On the other hand, the waves are sometimes removed from that hair, giving it a straight appearance. A hairstyle with straight hair produces a younger more boyish look.

The fashion hairstyle is a pleasing one to look at. With the tallest locks tapered neatly towards the nape of the neck, and visible from the front, shorter strands flow to the sides, covering both ears. The shortest of the locks flow smoothly towards the face, covering the forehead, stopping just above the eyebrows.

Still another style, more suitable for casual occasions, produces a different look. The nape-covering locks of the fashion style are gone. In their place are much shorter strands which appear to stop at the base of the skull, but are not visible from the front. Locks flowing to the sides seem to have less volume than before, but those covering the forehead look as they formerly did.

Song Seung Hun hair.

Song Seung Hun hairstyles may be worn on different occasions. The styles feature varied hair volumes, some heavy, others lighter. This variety produces various appearances.
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