Lee Hyori Long Hairstyles

Lee Hyori is a 32 year old South Korean singer. She began her career as a participant in a girl band known as Fin. K. L. She is now a solo performer and was the highest paid female singer in South Korea in 2006. Here are some of the highlights of Lee Hyori long hairstyles.

Lee Hyori long hairstyle.

She has beautiful long hair that she has worn in different styles. Most are straight because this is the natural way her hair lays. She may part it in the middle or on one side and simply brush it to create an elegant look.

Lee Hyori bangs hairstyle.

She sometimes parts the hair on the side and brushes it so her fringe covers one eye, reminiscent of emo styles. However, she normally has both eyes uncovered.

Lee Hyori wavy hairstyle.

She has also been seen with a permanent in her hair that created waves and added volume to it. Here, she again parted it on one side, but she was able to get a bit more creative with her fringe.

Singer look-alike hairstyles can be seen in a lot of places. One thing is certain. She is a truly beautiful woman who knows how to use different styles to change her appearance completely from time to time.
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