Fashionable Ham Eun-Jeong (Eunjung) Short Hairstyles

Ham Eun-Jeong hairstyle.

Ham Eun-Jeong who is also known as Eunjung is the trailblazer of T-ara which is a very popular South Korean girl groups. She is also a dancer, actress, and rapper. The lady has had several hairstyles but the most commonly known is the short trendy haircut. The Ham Eun-Jeong hairstyles are now the most acknowledged hairdos among Korean women.

Eunjung rose to fame with her position as an affiliate of the all girls group known as T-ara. Her first appearance in the showbiz industry began in her participation in a show called Little Miss Korea pageant which was shot in 1995. Eunjung is among the few Korean stars that have a short hairdo as her moniker. Most of her fans recognize and appreciate her beauty because she always spots a distinctive feminine haircut. The shorter haircut also gives her a very unique and sexy style.

Eunjung fringe hairstyle.

In addition to her cute heart-shaped face, she is really gorgeous when her curls are in a natural look and devoid of any makeup or other special facial effects. The style usually has the fringes fixed up so that the strands do not appear to be tight and too thick. The fringes are trimmed in such a way that only a small portion of her forehead is covered.

Eunjung short hairstyle.

Eunjung wears a short hair restyle most of the time and not just during showbiz performances. Keeping a short hair requires a great effort for girls compared to boys. This is because curls maintained by girls will naturally turn out to be tangled up and thick making it hard to rake through and style. In order to keep up the Eunjung haircut, girls must ensure they trim their hair occasionally so that they can retain the shape a hairdo that makes heads turn.

Most fans will agree that Eunjung appears to be extremely cute and gorgeous in the shorter hairdos compared to the longer hairdos. With trendy fashions like such as those popularized by the star, any girl can express a unique style that is more fashionable and classic.
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