T-ara& Boram Hairstyles

Upcoming band T-ara has been turning a lot of heads lately. For one, they have been making quite a name for themselves based on their musical and performing abilities. However, another thing worth noting is their extensive fashion sense and unique look for each individual member. It would not be unheard of to mimic hairstyle like you might find when perusing some of T-ara's Boram hairstyles.

Boram with chic hairstyle.

She is just one of the current seven members of the popular Korean performing group. She is the leader of the group, and as such has attracted her fair share of the attention. For only being 25 years old, it is clear that she has put much effort into her current look and fashion.

She is not the youngest of the group, but you would be hard pressed to believe this with the youthful doo that she sports. This is a much shorter look than many other members of the performers. Mimicking this look will require a good bit of trimming, unless of course you already have very short hair.

Boram hairstyle.

While the side swept look is something that is becoming a globally popular style, the lengths seem to be the changing factor. Boram's hair is one that is cut quite short across the crown and bangs area, but allows for many longer strands to fill up the back.

As part of this genre of music including mainstream singing mixed in with rapping, peculiar looks and seemingly elaborate styles and outfits become common. T-ara is one of these groups that sync up on their attire, but allows each individual member to express themselves through something as simple as varying hairstyles and personas.

Boram hair.

So if you are looking for a short hair style that can really spice things up and make you look younger for your efforts, perhaps you can consider T-ara's Boram hairstyles. You can find many images of the group and the individual for reference should you need it.
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