Short Box Women's hairstyles

 Short Box is one of the easiest to maintain, while ladies fancy hairstyles. Although it seems difficult to change, this style can be easily changed depending on your mood and the importance of the event you are visiting.
         So with little effort and patience will look strictly formal, if you go to a reception or an important business dinner, as well as casual, everyday youth or friendly gatherings.

         You can use special wax modeling styles to form a box casually, which is suitable for sport-elegant clothes and hair is highly relevant to everyday life. Give volume hair with modeling wax, forming protruding sideways and forward waves.
To look elegant and formal, with a brush and dryer straighten hair to be shiny, smooth and no protruding hairs. Secure with hairspray. You can style hair by gently folded back ends of your hair with hair dryer, round brush with metal teeth and hair spray
Casually-elegant looks, your hair if you brush gently back and engage with plenty of foam hair. At trouble spots where hair is trying to stick out, fix it with varnish. This hairstyle is suitable for jeans and business suit, unless it identifies an important and too formal meeting - then you will look slightly frivolous.
Also you can turn your hair in a more voluminous than it is, by applying to dry hair foam volume with a round brush and gently lift hair at the roots. This hairstyle is suitable for absolutely all cases.
If you have enough patience shape thin strands as light feathers with wax modeling styles. You will need a dryer to be quite voluminous hair.
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