Hairstyles with bangs | Modern smooth thick 2013

Hairstyles with bangs | Modern smooth thick 2013
Short Hairstyles
Bang is very topical if you are trimmed in plaid. Then bang is layered with torn edges. Casual bangs are always in fashion, and are current in 2013.

They are suitable for short hair. Casual elegance is perfect for women who know how to properly combine your clothes according to style.

With short straight and smooth bangs above the eyebrows face extended visually. Short and long asymmetrical bangs are modern in 2013.

They combine both short and long hair. The short tapered bangs looks perfectly round face. For ladies with medium length hair is the bang, which is a party.Long bangs is suitable for ladies with rectangular and elongated face. Go to them and combed back hair with tiara, leaving a bang.

Long bangs good standing with the right track. Modern smooth thick bangs that cover your eyebrows. Such a person becomes bangs in mysterious and appealing.

Ladies with a triangular shaped face looks great with bangs flat, taking care to balance the proportions of the face.

Bangs are back in the early nineties, which are fragile strand, falling over one eye.

If you have a high forehead, you'll go bang, which covers your eyebrows. If your face is triangular in shape, but want to bang you right, shape it like a rainbow, as the edges are longer than the middle part.

Ladies with a round face will look great with asymmetric bangs and bangs with different lengths, which will visually extend their face.

Square face is great with bangs that close to an oval shape - this is easily done with an asymmetric bangs. It should be light and airy.
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