Medium hairstyles for guys

The medium length hairstyle for guys!

mmm the most popular hairstyle right now in Asia... It makes guys look very adorable and cute.. They're not the "macho" look, but the revolutionized "cute" look :D

Guys who have this kind of hairstyle tend to use up their hair wax (GATSBY!!) to create volume on their sides to add a "thick" effect. This kind of hairstyle is usually pretty long, up to the neck, but not too "thick layered".

These kind of hairstyles have a middle fringe, made by adding hair wax to isolate it from the rest of the fringes.

Guys can also wax up their back hair too, to make a spirally feel^^

Many idols and artists love maintaining this kind of hairstyle, and since it is the most popular hairstyle in the Asian world today.

More medium hairstyles: Click thumbnail to enlarge

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