Short hairstyles for guys

Short haircuts have been the tradition of many guys and men since Adam and Eve... Most guys have a concept in which wearing a short haircut can take age off their appearance and look hot and masculine. Nowadays, in Asia, there are still many guys out there that maintain a short hairstyle. From athletes to idols many guys love short hairstyles not only is it easy to handle, but it requires less work.

Short hairstyles is the way for those who do not want to spend much time maintaining their hair. Compared to medium long hairstyle people, they must spend much more time fixing up their hair before they go out and requires high maintenance. For short hairstyle people, they only need to wash their hair and dry it to obtain the "clean short" look.

Short hairstyles can be also used for "preppie" guys. However, they must apply hair wax to fully utilize this effect :D

Short hairstyle is the best for athletes and active individuals. Maintaining such a haircut does not require much time and effort. Best for busybees!!

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