Korean singer Doojoon

Born on July 4, 1989, Doojoon Yoon is the leader and singer of the new and popular Korean boyband, "B2ST" (BEAST). Clearly Doo Joon has a heart shaped face. He has a wide forehead but a relatively narrow chin. But in contrast, Doo Joon likes to show his facial shape, and gets short haircuts with completely no fringes. In a sense he looks a lot like the other popular Korean singer, T.O.P..

In a way Doo Joon brings out the bright and cool look through his short mohawk style. Neat hmm?

Early on Doo Joon had fringes which acted like a cap for his forehead, while keeping his short haircut.Doo Joon's hairstyle covers one of the hottest hair trends in Korea to date.
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