Hwang Mi Hee's long hairstyle

Known as Korea's Race Queen, Hwang Mi Hee is among the most glamorous Korean models. Her perfect symmetrical face shape makes her an ideal candidate for hair styling model.
Hwang Mi Hee's oval shaped face. You can imagine almost any kind of hairstyle on this beautiful model. From full bangs to thin short haircuts, Hwang Mi Hee can definitely pull it off!
However, Hwang Mi Hee is known for her usual long hairstyles Thick and silky hair look the best on her! Her eyes are reputed as cute and big, which allow her to play around with all sorts of artistic hairstyles.
Hwang Mi Hee has clear, symmetrical facial features. These factors are vital to "balance" off a hairstyle.
See? Her gorgeous eyes are one of the factors that balance out this thinner hairstyle that has less fringes. With just long hair, one can have countless different ways of putting up their hair. Hwang Mi Hee's hairstyles are often pretty unique.
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Ditulis oleh: Unknown - Saturday, July 23, 2011

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