Korean idol Eunjung's sexy hairdo

Ham Eun-jeong, also known as "Eunjung", is the leader of the popular South Korean girl group, "T-ara".
Eunjung is one of the few Korean idols that have a short hairstyle as her "signature". With a shorter haircut, Eunjung has a very unique sexy style. Along with her heart shaped face, she looks adorable when having her hair in a natural look without make up or special effects.
In t-ara's earlier album release, "Braking Heart", Eunjung retains her short hairstyle, but fixing up her fringes so that they are not thick and tight. But instead, her fringes only cover a small portion of her forehead. Otherwise, imagine having full bangs in such a sexy style.... It wouldn't work would it?
Now, back to Eunjung's usual style. She wears a short haircut even when not performing. I actually think it takes an effort to keep a shorter haircut for girls, since naturally most girls' hair becomes naturally thick and tangled up. So that means in order to maintain Eunjung's hairstyle one must trim it occasionally to retain that shape.
Eunjung looks extremely cute and adorable in shorter haircuts! With lighter hairstyle like Eunjung's, a girl can show off a different style; a more fashionable model look.
Clearly, Eunjung's photos are worth more than a million words.
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