Shin Min Ah Hairstyles

Shin Min Ah hairstyle.

Shin Min Ah is a twenty seven year old Korean model and film star. Born in South Korea, this attractive young starlet has won numerous awards for both modeling and acting. She is closely watched by those who want to copy the many different ways you will see her hair styled. Shin Min Ah hairstyles always have an envious gloss that most people would love to have.

The Korean/Asian hairstyles of today rarely resemble those of decades ago. Back then it was rare to see a grown Korean woman with her down or cut very short. It was typically piled on the head and kept in place with a wooden pin.

If a woman were to dress in full regalia, her hair would resemble that of a geisha. It will be pulled back into a loose ponytail allowing the hair to fall loosely around the head with the rest wound into a bun and secured at the crown of the head.

Shin Min Ah long hairstyle.

When Shin is modeling, you see many hairstyles that are part of the twenty first century. You might see her hair left long and flowing about her face. She may have bangs, or it might be worn with a middle or side part.

Shin Min Ah short hairstyle.

Other photo shoots will have this young lady sporting short cropped hair in a wide array of styles. Close cropped with a weight line or with an asymmetrical flair, she looks stunning in everything she does to her hair. It can range in color from a glossy black that splays below her shoulders, to a coppery red that is short and smoothed off to one side.

Just about every imaginable hairstyle has been shown by Shin Min Ah. The women of Asia are paying close attention and mimic many of the styles they see her wearing. Korean and Asian women of today are free to wear their coiffure in any style they desire.
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