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If you want to give yourself a fresh new look, how about checking out the Korean all girl group SNSD for inspiration. They have legions of fans around the world, and for good reason. Not only are their songs incredibly catchy, but their style and appearance is both cool and respectable. What's more, it is possible for almost any girl to copy their image, for example if you have medium to long locks, you can head to your local salon to request a Yuri 'SNSD' hairstyle.

Kwon Yuri long chic hairstyle.

Though each member of the group is extremely talented and attractive, it is Kwon Yuri who is seen the most in fashion magazines and gossip columns. Over the last year, her style has gone from teenage girl to confident woman. What makes her looks even more attractive is that she styles her hair in a way that is easy to copy. Though simple, her current hairstyle is extremely chic and very modern.

Yuri curly ends hairstyle.

The style is one that is not too crazy or heavy. She has a natural look that highlights the gentle beauty of her face. Unlike other members of the band, she does not have heavy bangs covering her forehead, this allows for her full face to be on show. The ends of her locks are curly, but not excessively so.

The style can certainly be called cute and sexy, and one that is perfect for both formal and informal occasions. It is not out of place when at school or in the mall, and nor when out partying and dancing with friends.

Yuri SNSD hairstyle.

A Yuri 'SNSD' hairstyle is suitable for girls of every ethnicity. Whether you have light hair or dark hair, it is a style that is easy to manage. If you want to be complimented for your appearance, this is a look that you should try and emulate.
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