Tips On How To Color Korean Long Hair For Women

Park Bom Long red hairstyle.

Many Korean women have naturally beautiful locks but they opt to dye it instead. This is a challenging process because their mane is thick and course so it is not easy to lighten it. When you are going to a fashion professional, you need to confirm that they know how to color Korean long hair.

When you go into a salon, the first thing that the professional does is to lighten your curls. In order to obtain the desired results desired by a client, they need to ensure that they lift it to level ten or eleven. There is a bleach powder or cream that is often used to do this. The product is used together with a volume developer then the client is put under a drier. Sometimes the process has to be repeated a second time in case the results are not satisfactory. The heat is used to reduce the processing time. This is because when tresses are exposed to bleach for prolonged periods they tend to break.

Once the professional has achieved the desired outcome, they can choose the right shade to use on their customer. It is important for them to keep in mind that there are certain base colors that do not compliment Asian skin tones. Most people settle for oranges, golden blonds and reds.

When the peroxide content is washed out, a semi-permanent shade is applied to the tresses. Its effects are not permanent. It begins to fade after one month since it is just a wash. The product does not contain any ammonia so it does not expose the mane to damage.

There are times when protein filler will be applied on the locks before they are dyed. In case the dye is washed out and the professional finds out that the mop is still the same shade, they can reapply the dye. A protein filler has to be used before a dye is reapplied a second time.

The client is advised on how to maintain their locks for the treatment given by experts to last along time. There are some hair products that are specifically meant for such situations. When shampooing, the dressers should use cold water and minimize the number of times they use heat tools.

It is hard for someone to lighten black and dark brown locks. Some people prefer to carry out the exercise at home due to financial reasons. An untrained person may have a hard time achieving an effect that will appear attractive. Most people who attempt to do this on their own end up with the wrong shades or damaged manes. Such complications can be avoided by using products that are meant for Asians.

If a person has very long and thick dark locks, they can use up to two boxes of dye. The process can be repeated after sometime but you have to let your manes rest for at least two weeks. Even if a person knows how to color Korean long hair, sometimes the outcome may not look exactly like the illustrations on the box that wraps most products.
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