Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) Hairstyles

DBSK hairstyles

DBSK got together in 1993 and at that time the band had five members. Today only two of the five members remain but the boys still manage to pull in the crowds. Jung Yuhno and Shim Changmin have a massive following and their Dong Bang Shin Ki hairstyles are much admired.

Yunho is also known as U-Know and the Korean singer is very talented. Yunho's voice is a crowd pleaser but his boyish good looks have landed him parts in films and dramas. When you look at some of his recent pictures you can see why he has so many followers.

Yunho hairstyle.

Initially Yunho has chestnut brown hair with side bangs and a mad and messy wild spiky look on top, the back of his hair is collar length and spiky and maybe the whole look makes him look a little older.

Xiah Junsu hairstyle.

Xiah Junsu hairstyle is so very different. He has red highlighted hair. The hair is cut into soft long layers that frame his face. His sideburns are long with razored ends.

Hero Jaejoong hairstyle.

Yoochun hairstyle.

Yoochun's crop hairdo creates roundness effect to his head. The fringe frames the eyes, while the sides cover his ears.

Changmin short hairstyle.

Changmin is another good looking young man. His hair styled into short layered style. The layered hair has been brushed forward. The effect is dramatic and Changmin looks great.
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