Shu Qi (Lin Li-Hui) Taiwanese Long Black Hair

Shu Qi hair.

Shu Qi is an Asian actress born in Taiwan 16 April, 1976. Her real name is Lin Li-Hui. She adopted the name Shu Qi when she began acting and modeling in soft core porn. Here, we are going to take a look at Shu Qi hair.

Shu Qi long layered hair.

She has beautiful long, black hair that hangs halfway down her back. It is basically straight and requires no product to keep it in place. However, this hair is labor intensive as far as cleaning and styling.

She spends a great deal of time caring for her hair and keeping it clean. This can lead to some serious tangles, so a good conditioner is a must for taking care of this hairstyle. As far as styling goes, all she has to do is brush the hair thoroughly and allow it to hang freely and she is ready to go.

Shu Qi long hairstyle.

She takes excellent care of her body with proper diet and exercise. This has led to her hair being very healthy and full with a sheen that is awesome when light hits it. Her hair is neither dry nor oily, but has just the right amount of moisture, thanks in large part to the conditioners she uses and to the nutrients she consumes which keep her scalp and follicles healthy.
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