Jet Li Hairstyles

If you are interested in emulating a few Jet Li hairstyles that you seen the star adorning in some of his incredible acting roles, it is important that you look at yourself first. This incredible actor has had a long career. During his career, he was asked to wear many different faces that needed a hairstyle to match.

Even though most of Jet Li's hairstyles were forced on him, because of the roles that he was asked to play, a lot of the styles stuck with him even after his movies were complete. Before you think about getting your hair cut into one of the styles that the star adorns, look at your facial features first.

Many guys do not believe that their hair says anything about them. However, if you are trying to go for a specific look, your hair has to match that look. One thing that you will notice about the different hairstyles that Jet Li has is they are always done to fit the character that he is playing.


In Fearless, the star's hair was a little bit different than what people are used to. The star had a bald head along the front surface of his head, and a long ponytail braid came from the back part of his head. In other movies, you may have seen the star with a short spiky haircut, or a completely shaved down fade.

The Forbidden Kingdom

The One

Cradle 2 the Grave

The Expendables

The point is, every single hair style that the star wore, fit the character that he was trying to portray. In a way, in order to emulate any of the styles that this star had, you need to think about the types of characters that he was trying to play in the movies he was in.

You need to consider your personal attitude, your facial features, and your job, before attempting to emulate any of the haircuts that this star has worn.
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