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The queen of pop surprised when she left her long hair of a child "do", but how good it was - extremely. Black women are confident women and because of this, you can take in the most extraordinary styles and always looks hot.

So to get your imagination going, I've compiled a list of the latest trends this season - for women around the world.

Chic Bangs - Tyra Banks has shown us the way forward in terms of explosions go - was associated with long straight hair, looked adorable. Having bangs can transform your look spectacular and there are different cuts that can fit every face shape.

Bob - As mentioned earlier, Rihanna dropped her long hair for a short bob that gave greater depth and sophistication. This style can be played with being conservative or wild. Be prepared to spend hours in front of the mirror creating lots of variables in a look that is truly modern.

The Pixie. The pixie cut is super short and easy to maintain. They give a contemporary edge by choosing asymmetric lines. Halle Berry made this style popular among black women, and be a style that remains a classic.

Braids. Yes - it is the court of first necessity for black women. Your hair will stay as close to its natural state with this style and is one of the easiest to maintain without overdoing hair products. Check out pictures of Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Smooth and straight. Thanks for straightening irons strong enough to dominate any African, on the use of chemicals to straighten hair are gone. Black celebrities such as Beyonce and Mary J. Blige looks stunning with its sleek appearance.

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