Hairstyling Tips: Square Shaped Face

• Square Shaped Face: A type of face where its length and width is about the same. A square shaped face can be described as having a broad forehead and a wide jaw. This shape of face would emphasize the masculine side (good or bad?)Therefore, we want to soften this image up through hairstyling tips!
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Best hairstyles for this type: The best-looking hairstyle for you would be short to medium hairstyles. Your haircut should contain many layers, volume, and some fringes to lessen the square look.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid very short haircuts or very long hairstyles. These kinds of hairstyles can accentuate your broad forehead or your wide jaw.

Hairstyles suitable for the Square Shaped Face:
Short Hairstyles for girls
Medium hairstyles for girls
Short Hairstyles for guys
Medium Hairstyles for guys
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